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Basics Insights

Basics Insights is a free text messaging program for parents and caregivers of young children that sends science-based tips to boost your child’s development.

Science shows that 80% of brain growth happens by the age of three and 90% by the age of five. Your child’s brain grows like a muscle, getting stronger as they connect with you and explore the world. The Basics Principles are five fun, simple and powerful ways to connect with your child and help them reach their full potential. Learn More.

The text messages offer ideas for using these five Basics Principles in everyday moments.

MAXIMIZE LOVE, MANAGE STRESS to stay emotionally present for your child. Your support strengthens their emotional health and self-control skills.

TALK, SING, AND POINT to boost your child’s language development and knowledge of the world.

COUNT, GROUP, AND COMPARE to help your child make sense of the numbers and categories all around them.

EXPLORE THROUGH MOVEMENT AND PLAY to encourage curiosity, discovery, and a healthy body.

READ AND DISCUSS STORIES to build your child’s knowledge, reasoning, and early literacy skills.

"Not only do these texts provide useful information, but I now have weekly affirmations that I’m giving my son the things he needs to grow and learn."

- Parent of an infant and a 4-year old

"So many times, I feel as if, am I doing this right? … So you have no idea how beneficial these little texts and facts are, letting me know I am on track, or giving me ideas."

- Parent of a toddler

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On Mondays and Wednesdays you’ll receive facts and activities to help your child learn. You may also receive occasional messages about resources for families in your community, as well as surveys that help us improve the information that we share.

Basics Insights is a program of The Basics, Inc. We partner with communities and organizations to ensure that all parents and caregivers are supported in promoting children’s early development. Learn more at www.thebasics.org.